Explore the following modules to enhance
Compliance, Efficiency, and Profitability where you need it most.

Human Resources Module

Comprehensive Employee Profile
• Quick links simplify on-boarding
• Prints badges
• Candidate tracking
Electronic Document Binder
• Electronic HR file
• Convenient, shared remote access
• Efficient bulk uploading and filing
• Paperless – reduce physical file space
Electronic Forms (E-Forms)
• Paperless electronic documents
• Complete on-line
• Convenient and efficient
Automated Requirements Checklist
• Compliance with CHAP, DPH, CMS, MassHealth
• Automated list of requirements
• Tracks expiring documents
Automated In-Services
• Over 40 in-services available for online completion
• Complete with reading material, timed test, certificate
• Annual in-service requirements automatically generated •
• Sends text reminders
• Compliance with CHAP, DPH, CMS, MassHealth
OIG Exclusions Registry Verification
• Automates monthly checking requirement
• Highlights potential matches
• Avoid costly negligent retention
Surveyor Portal
• Convenient, remote on-line access for file audits
• Reduce expense of on-site visits
• Agency controls visibility
Communications Tool
• Simple, flexible
• Broadcast text messages
• Dashboard news section
• Simplified processing and export of payroll file
• Import data from EMRs
• Factors mileage and holidays if needed

MassHealth Eligibility Module

Comprehensive Patient Profile
• Easy, remote shared access
• Tracks episodes, hospitalizations, service holds
• Tracks clinical document compliance status
• Includes reporting tags and message log
• Referral tracking and management
MassHealth Eligibility Checking
• Automates eligibility checking
• Identifies non-covered patients and changes in insurance
• Prevents income loss
• Emails results

Billing Module

Billing Automation With Coordination of Benefits
• Batch billing
• Import visits from your EMR
• Automation saves significant staff time
• Direct submission for MassHealth saves money
• Automates coordination of benefits and UD/TT modifiers
Automated Claim Status Updates and Payment Posting
• Automated MassHealth claim status updates and payment posting
• Identifies claims not fully paid
• Prevents income loss
TPL Billing
• Generates special TPL claims
• Timely ADR management
• Status tracking for timely filing and completion

Prior Authorization Module

Prior Authorizations
• Easy status tracking
• Prevents expiring authorizations
• Electronic forms for simple and convenient completion

Pre-Bill Compliance Checklist Module

Pre-Bill Compliance Checklist
• Promotes compliance with CMS and other regulations
• Automatically generates checklist to verify
• Easy tracking and management
• Puts on bill-hold until bill-ready
• Prevents provider liability
Central Task List and Patient Wall
• Tracks task completion
• Easy to assign patient-related tasks
• Patient Wall is a convenient depot for all patient-related activities

HHA & IVR Module

HHA Visit Scheduler & Visit Notes
• HHA care plans with staff assignments
• Schedule Calendar to easily manage visits
• Promotes clean, compliant visit notes
• Automated approval of clean notes for payroll and billing
IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) System
• Simple text commands and voice recognition system
• HHA completes visit notes from patients home
• Promotes clean, compliant visit notes
iPhone App
iPhone App screen image (1)
• Convenient and smart app to complete notes
• Key info at HHA’s fingertips
• Tracks location of HHA when using app

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